Hi Beautiful!

Thanks for being here, I am welcoming you with open and loving arms.

Once a month, I host the ‘Women’s Wellness Round Table’ which holds 15 women only and the topics of discussion are based on our Health, Wealth, Love & Relationships and Soul.

This forum was originally designed by me for my girlfriends, which with love and nurture, it organically grew to invite more soul sisters into this sacred and intimate space for women to support each other in their wellbeing journey.

The round table is designed to apply holistic therapies and workshop through the topic of the month with each other.

  I share, coach and mentor the group by demonstrating holistic techniques such as Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), Kinesiology Techniques, Meditation, Timeline Therapy and so much more.

In this space of connection, no judgements and open heart’s, we like-minded women gather together to celebrate and embrace in our feminine energy, empower one another, celebrate our wins and be that shoulder to lean on.

“Our body’s, mind and spirit crave that womanhood, sisterhood, soul-sister connection, and gathering in person on a monthly basis has created this ideal forum for women to come and be the best version of themselves”.

leTake out some ‘me’ time and come and hang out with us, enjoy those deep belly laughs, connecting, networking and most of all feel the love in the room that we dish up and I promise that you will make friends and be back to join  us! 

So future soul-sister, are you ready to join this inspiring and admirable group of women?

I have designed this package to be really simple and easy to sign up and all you need to do show up – for yourself!

Check out the 3 x round table bundle package

Round Table Dates

Tues, 11 August 2020


Side Hustle – Get Wealthy and Stay Healthy.


This month’s topic will be on the release of my digital book ‘Side Hustle to Get Wealthy & Keep Healthy’

  • Do you have a #sidehustle ?
  • Do you think like a #Boss or do you think with #fear ?
  • Do you know you’re good enough to have your own biz? or do you constantly question yourself?

The first thing I worked on as a #sidehustler was breaking through #FEAR and now I don’t do “I’m not good enough’s”anymore.

I knew if I wanted to be a #boss and the #leader of my biz + life I couldn’t allow #fear to rule!

So, you want to be your own #boss , right? You are thinking of or have started your #sidehustle and I know that there are so many reasons why you want this and there are so many reasons holding you back as well -money, time, health, energy and most importantly FEAR!

It doesn’t need to be like this…

Join me for my webinar, I will share with you 3 holistic strategies on how to get #wealthy + keep #healthy the wholesome way!

The session will include a mini meditation with EFT tapping to release fears and blocks around building your dream biz!




Money Mindset Mastery – Smash Money Blocks

  • Do you feel love or anxiety when you think of your money?
  • Do you constantly feel like you don’t have enough? Or perhaps, you are more frivolous and need to find a balance between spending and splurging?
  • Do you want to see more of it come in rather than it going out

Join me, as I coach and mentor the group by sharing my relationship with money, my fears, mistakes and wins.  Ill share how my husband and I built a successful monopoly of properties and how you can do the same.

I’ll help heal those money blocks and your relationship with money, but also  understand what your relationship is with money and make your finances work better for you.


TBA 2020


The Art of Manifestation – Get What You Want Now!

Stay tuned, more info to come!

Sept 2020


Personal Branding

Stay tuned, more info to come!

13 Oct 2020 


Quit People Pleasing, Let Go of Expectations & Stand in your Personal Power

Stay tuned, more info to come!

10 NOV 2020 



Nourish your temple – Body, Mind + Soul Make Over

Stay tuned, more info to come!