Sonia Petersen

Creating a movement to empower

women’s wellbeing 

Founder and Host of the Executive Women’s Wellness Society

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The Side Hustle – FREE WEBINAR

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"I had the pleasure of connecting with Sonia over 3 years ago when the Executive Women's Wellness Society was formed. I have been a member of the EWWS committee from the very beginning and have had the privilege of supporting Sonia on several initiatives. Sonia is a genuine health & wellbeing expert and I admire her passion and persistence for empowering, coaching women and growing the Society. Sonia has the ability to handle multiple projects and constantly come up with new creative ideas. Assisting Sonia is easy - she is kind, smart, calm, motivated, open to feedback, VERY inspiring and committed. I highly recommend Sonia as someone I trust and look to for guidance and advice, both personally and professionally. Thank you for always bringing out the best in me and everyone you engage with."

Olivia Yeates

"Sonia is a switched on operator who has been my liaison with Stowe for the past two years. Never failing to deliver and always going the extra mile to make things happen. Highly recommended, and an asset for any company."

Luke Richmond

"I had a blast on the Executive Women's Wellness Society Podcast with Sonia. She is an authentic leader and has organically grown her tribe with her warmth and passion for women's wellness. Sonia is also an incredible speaker, she engages the crowd instantly with her warm, loving and charismatic nature. Reach out to Sonia if you are looking for a fun speaker and want to learn more about your team's emotional and mental health "

Samantha Jayne

"Sonia is an incredible event organizer and an engaging speaker. It has been a great pleasure to collaborate and learn oh so much from Sonia about emotional well-being and mental health. In particular, I am blown away by the insights and stories that Sonia shares about anxiety and how we can cure ourselves for good. Moreover, she has been doing amazing work with supporting and aiding the community with The Executive Womens Wellness Society. I highly recommend following Sonia. And, if you are an event organizer, don't miss out on engaging this super star!"

Mariya Radysh

"Sonia has a rare combination of being highly driven and successful, and at the same time being extremely compassionate and kind. She is a champion of women, and goes out of her way to help and support others through her Executive Women's Wellness society. Sonia is incredibly inspiring; I have heard her speak many times, and she makes everyone in the audience feel as though she's speaking to them directly. She is authentic and down to earth, and I consider myself very fortunate to be part of her community."

Liv Wilson

"I have had the privilege of collaborating with Sonia on a number of business initiatives. Sonia is someone who lifts others up and collaborating with her is always a positive experience. Sonia is committed to enabling women to take charge of their wellbeing and shares her ideas and learnings with energy . She is an enthusiastic presenter who fully engages her audience."

Liv Van Vliet

"I have known Sonia for over two years in her professional capacity at Stowe Australia as a client of mine but also in her time as Founder of the Executive Women's Wellness Society. In both roles Sonia is highly professional and extremely dedicated at what she does. Her passion for improving the lives of others is highly evident and her compassion is quite compelling. Working with Sonia is very easy as she takes the time to get to know you and understand what it is you are trying to achieve. Her ability to listen, process and then act is top drawer. Sonia is very thorough and leaves nothing to chance. Her honesty is refreshing in a world when sometimes that trait is missing in others. I have enjoyed immensely our working relationship and love being in Sonia's company, she is always smiling and that is not just on the surface, you always feel she is smiling on the inside as well. I highly recommend Sonia to anyone as an outstanding person."

Les Stock

“Every session I have with Claire is powerful and at the same time really nurturing. No matter whats going on she gets to the root cause. Claire gives so much and holds such a beautiful space for you and I highly recommend gifting yourself some time with this amazing lady. I purchased a few sessions in one go and use them whenever I feel I need some additional support. I always get way more than I expect from every session. Thank you, Claire, you beautiful soul I am so grateful to have you on my support team”

Jo Bendle

“What a gift Claire and her skills truly are. I went to Claire confused and frustrated with my recovery process and within 2 wonderful sessions Claire had spoken to my body on a deep level and discovered the final missing pieces of what seemed like an impossible puzzle that I had struggled with for over a decade. Her ability to communicate with me and simplify my actions towards a path to wellness and success changed my life forever. As I am sure it has for many lucky clients of Claire's. I am eternally grateful to you Claire.

BJ Linderman

“I happened to find Claire online and I am beyond grateful that I did. Claire has done more for me in the past few sessions that I have been seeing her, than any Western medicine has in over 5 years. Every time I leave Claire after a session I feel so much calmer, happier and more in control of my life. She is professional, so caring and has a way that allows you to talk about anything you need because you can trust her implicitly. Both my husband and daughter have since been to her as well. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Ashley Middleton Longstaff

“What a great experience seeing Claire for a Kinesiology balance online. I absolutely loved it and was so intrigued. It blew me away how she was able to connect and reflect on what was happening with me and my body at that time. I definitely recommend trying it out, you are in very good hands.”

Steph Herscovitz

“Without hesitation I would recommend a Kinesiology session with Claire. She is warm, supportive and nurturing as well as being thorough in revealing what was driving a long held blockage of mine. With a combination of energy work, essences and exercises recommended by Claire as a result of my sessions, I felt the blocks dissolve and more flow and joy enter my life.”

Kathryn Eyre

“After just two sessions with Claire, she identified a major blockage in my life that was significantly affecting my wellbeing. As soon as we identified the blockage, an amazing opportunity opened up to me so I could change my current circumstance into a new, more nurturing, fun and fulfilling one. I loved my sessions with Claire. She is so insightful, warm and generous. I'm so grateful to have found her as it gives me such comfort to know that whenever I get a new block in my life I can always see her to help work through it.”

Joanne Kennedy

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