Thanks for being here, I am welcoming you with open and loving arms.

Once a month, I host the ‘Women’s Wellness Round Table’ which holds 15 women only and the topics of discussion are based on our Health, Wealth, Love & Relationships and Soul.This forum was originally designed by me for my girlfriends, which with love and nurture, it organically grew to invite more soul sisters into this sacred and intimate space for women to support each other in their wellbeing journey.

The round table is designed to apply holistic therapies and workshop through the topic of the month with each other.

I share, coach and mentor the group by demonstrating holistic techniques such as Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), Kinesiology Techniques, Meditation, Timeline Therapy and so much more.

In this space of connection, no judgements and open heart’s, we like-minded women gather together to celebrate and embrace in our feminine energy, empower one another, celebrate our wins and be that shoulder to lean on.